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Meet The Velocyt™

For very rare cell detection, multicellular system analysis, and small or large volume sample analysis the Velocyt delivers more of what matters.

Very Rare Cell Detection

The Velocyt allows you to analyze a much larger number of very rare events, such as activated T cells, immune cells in personalized medicine, fetal cells in maternal blood and circulating tumor cells or microemboli.

Multicellular System Analysis

The Velocyt enables high throughput analysis of multicellular systems, such as multicellular spheroids, organoids, and small organisms.


We are developing a new patent pending technology to sort cells for rare cell applications and other applications that require cell/particle recovery.


Using parallel multi-node acoustic standing waves to generate multiple sample streams, the Velocyt provides volumetric sample delivery rates 100x faster than a typical flow cytometer and analysis rates that are 10x to 100x faster depending on particle size. Thus, the Velocyt simplifies and shortens your workflow by eliminating washing, lysing, and enrichment steps, while simultaneously providing gentle processing that preserves sample physiology and viability.


The Velocyt quickly analyzes sample volumes from microliters to liters and particle sizes from a few micrometers to millimeters; leading to expanded application flexibility. In addition, the Velocyt provides total sample recovery, thereby providing another level of flexibility by allowing reanalysis, kinetic analysis, or analysis via alternative technologies.


Rapid analysis of larger numbers of cells or particles that have been minimally processed delivers a previously impossible level of statistical confidence. This confidence can be further increased via reanalysis or use of alternate approaches.

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