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Flow cytometry is the most powerful tool for analysis of cellular populations, but there is still is a wealth of untapped potential for additional applications. BennuBio Inc. has greatly expanded the power of flow cytometry by developing instruments that can use the flow cytometry paradigm to analyze samples regardless of particle size or sample volume. Moreover, these instruments simplify workflows to save time and money. Our gentle approach retains sample viability and morphology while analyzing at considerably faster rates. Thereby, improving diagnostics, decreasing time to markets and accelerating fundamental health science research. Our initial technology has been funded by a series of NIH grants and investment by Tramway Venture Partners, Cottonwood Technology Fund, and Sun Mountain Capital.

Line-Focused Optical Excitation of Parallel Acoustic Focused Sample Streams

BennuBio Inc. Receives $1 Million Grant For Novel Biological Screening Technology Development

BennuBio was awarded an NIH (National Institute of Health) SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) grant that will advance the Company’s development of a novel analytic tool for 3D tissue models. Mimicking natural cellular activities, 3D tissue models—called spheroids—play an increasingly critical role in cancer research and drug screening and reduce the need for animals in tumor research. The Phase II grant was funded by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences.

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Spherical Analysis

Medical device startup BennuBio Inc. won a $1 million National Institutes of Health grant to add rapid analysis capability for complex, three-dimensional cellular “spheroids” to its existing cell-screening technology.

BennuBio already developed a super-fast cytometer, or cell meter, that can process single-cell samples 100 times faster than other cytometers on the market today. Those instruments are used to rapidly analyze millions, and often billions, of cells for medical diagnostics and drug discovery.

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